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Pantea Kalhor



Pantea Kalhor is an author, change specialist, Project manager and Agile Coach. She holds degrees in Software Engineering, Master of Information Technology and is certified in Teaching and Training Adults.

Additionally, she holds certification as a “Project Manager Professional”-PMP, “Agile Certified Practitioner”- ACP and Scrum Master which have enabled her to apply and teach the concept of change management in real life.

In her Book “Rules of Change for the Better” and in her workshops, she explores applicable rules using her personal experiences in self-improvement. Some challenging experiences include immigration, career change and a carjacking of which she survived.

Pantea brings a fresh perspective to many familiar self-help ideas and teaches how colours and music can play significant roles in tuning up our mood and initiating changes. Pantea shows us how to transcend our energy level, finding our blockers, tapping into our intuition, dealing with loss and how to stay positive and persistent in the face of adversity, and when to seize opportunities.

Her areas of expertise and focus are on managing change, and her related insights prove valuable in creating sustainable changes. Currently, she lives in Toronto, Canada.

“Rules of Change for the Better” Book here.

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