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Lester Bailey



Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in the South Shore area, Lester Bailey has almost 30 years experience with the Chicago Police Department (CPD), community organizing/service, motivational speaking, church ministry and Body Guarding for a United States Senator.

His life is a living testimony of diligence, dedication and determination. Lester graduated from DePaul University with a specialization in Business Administration.

He has several entrepreneurships involving bodyshaping for women, diet products. Despite juggling so many business ventures, Lester Bailey always makes time for family as well as friends.After numerous observations of consecutive patterns of abuse towards women, Lester decided to pursue his dream of sharing stories of life trials and tribulations, a familiar bond of sisterhood is created by identifying problems and coming up with solutions.

Lester lives by the motto, “Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Always and Prosper".

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