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Kandace LaRue



Kandace LaRue is a spiritual counsellor, after overcoming abuse and alcohol in her family, she says: "Counselling does help but I need something more.” She needed faith in God to get her through all the sadness of her childhood and the loss of my marriage and pregnancy.

It wasn’t until Kandace reached out to the Creator that things started to happen to her spiritually. Like a long-forgotten friend, she knew from childhood. Kandace started having spiritual experiences and had a visitation from Jesus.

Yes! you read that correctly, Jesus came and told her he loved her and knew her suffering was great. He placed his hand on her and healed Kandace at a soul level. That was the beginning of her healing and journey to discover her purpose in life to help others in need. Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick; she travelled due to her dad being in the military and lived in Germany for a few years and then back to Ottawa, Canada. She ended up in London, Ontario where she lived for 35 years.

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