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Josanna Francis


Josanna Francis

Josanna is a relationship coach, international speaker, and author. She assists women who have been broken: from past relationships in a business, at home and even broken friendships and they just cannot seem to bounce back from.

Through Josanna’s Heart and Soul Coaching Program, her clients are freed from limiting beliefs and decisions that cause them to question their passion, purpose and worth. Josanna helps you become more aligned, more in tune to listening to your heart and attending to your needs that have become neglected.

As a motivational speaker, Josanna speaks into the lives of women who desire to attain the love they deserve and stand in the full capacity and Get Their SEXY BACK!Through Josanna’s World, she has begun motivating a worldwide audience and encourages her viewers to share their inspiring stories.

Josanna is the youngest of five children and is the proud mother of four beautiful children.Her goal and passion are to break any glass ceiling.Josanna is based in North York, Ontario, Canada; she provides professional relationship coaching and training in relationships to individuals all over the world.

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