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Hitika Ming



Hitika Ming is a Spiritual Coach, Tao healing hands Practitioner, Reiki Grand Master, a psychic medium, and healer with various alternative healing modalities devoted to serving and loving the world we live in.

She loves to bring forth the deep spiritual truth that surrounds us all so we can live our most authentic lives. Hitika loves to embrace her shadow self and continuously work on herself because she believes as she embodies her authentic self in daily activities, it would be easier to do justice.

Not only for human life, but also to be able to live our soul’s purpose and remember we are a part of the Universe. It’s one of Hitika’s soul purposes to remind people about their power to be anything and everything they want by working on their traumas and guiding them to embody their truth. Hitika believes that there are only two emotions in the world: love and fear.

She focuses on guiding souls to transition from fear by befriending all that we are afraid of. Through her coaching, Hitika serves people by guiding them to stand in their light and shine through the various traumas and wounds by guiding them into some energy healing, meditations, rituals, psychic readings, and more.

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