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Eni Oszlai



Eni Oszlai is an Award winning Financial Doctor, RBC’s TOP Financial Specialist in Canada. She holds several financial licences, a Masters in Adult Education, and completed the coaching program based on Bob Proctor’s ‘Law of Attraction.’

She’s an expert in helping her clients make their dreams and vision a Tangible Reality!Eni is a leading activist with Global Citizen eradicating worldwide poverty, combatting human trafficking and worldwide pollution, and fighting for humanitarian and environmental issues. She is also a music lover and connoisseur.

Eni helps artists uncover their true potential, be featured on media, and increase their follower base.Her Podcast, “The Financial Doctor Show" has attracted and featured musicians and business owners, change makers and trailblazers: a TEDx Speaker, a Social Media Correspondent for the OSCARS and Golden Globes, an Order of Canada Recipient, and a former MP.

Her book 'The Waterfront Awards: Powerful Success Stories' became a Bestseller in 2020. Eni is truly building a Legacy by Empowering others to Succeed!

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