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Cheryl Ivaniski - Dr.Ac., C.HT, RDH



Best Selling & Global Award Winning Author, Speaker, Dr. Holistic Medicine- Acupuncture, Wellness Authority, CEO-Lifestyle Wellness Centre & Diabetes Wellness Centre.If you don’t have your health what do you have?

Cheryl found that out the hard way when she woke up in the hospital from a diabetic coma, with her pancreas and thyroid completely worn out. Her life changed at that moment, and she realized that she could no longer abuse her body with little sleep and eating on the go, working overtime as an entrepreneur and get away with it.

Since then Cheryl has become a health advocate which started when she earned her Doctorate in Holistic Medicine and now her goal is to help as many people as possible live long, healthy, strong lives. If you are looking for diabetes or wellness coaching, optimizing your health or regaining your energy, connect.

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