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Tuesday, Sept. 25 2018
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Karla Lang

Karla Lang is a Women's Leadership Advisor and trained Marriage and Family Therapist with over 20 years in the personal growth and transformation industry.
Karla will help you as a business or professional women who is in a male dominated field, feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and pressure to perform both at home and at work.
Women who work with Karla and through her programs are able to stand in their value, have a voice, feel confident, and respected, owning the power of their feminine essence and still bring home the money!
Natalie Cousins

As an Interior design and Real Estate consultant, Natalie is responsible for empowering and redefining businesses in the Designing and Real Estate industry worldwide with a strategic approach and sound policies to achieve a notable level of success. A licensed Real Estate agent and visionary of dynamic success seminars, webinars, and courses, Natalie gets-up each day with the motivation of helping new and existing businesses soar through their fears and hurdles.
Natalie coherently believes that all businesses have distinctive challenges – that is why she utilizes her vast knowledge and comprehensive consulting principles that she has developed and effectively applied for over 15 years in experience to deliver more business potency and value to her clients.
She is the recipient of the prestigious Certificate of Performance from House Capades Show on the Fox 29 Network for her Home staging work and receives continuous praise for her consulting work. Natalie enjoys cooking, listening to music, traveling and spending time with her family and friends when shes not consulting with her Design and Real estate clients. Book with Natalie and she'll ask you several questions and provide you answers to gain the tools you need to start a system to to grow your business.
Amit Ambegaonkar

You will learn about the exact steps that you must take to achieve success in your specific business. I am going to give you some ideas and suggestions so that you can immediately implement in your life and business to start making money.
You can ask me questions about business systems, monetization models or digital marketing trends in 2018. I will be sharing with you the exact path that you can follow to increase your credibility, your following, and your database. 
Alka Sharma

Alka is an award-winning ballroom dancer, fitness enthusiast, entrepreneur, and public speaker who is committed to empowering both the body and mind. By sharing her knowledge, Alka has dedicated her life to enabling women to find their own internal PHYSICAL POWER and LIFE POWER.  

“My wish is for all of us to be who we want to be. All it
takes is encouragement, caring, and confidence to
complete the picture.”


Make The SHIFT In Your Life
Combining Training For Your Mind & Body
DISCOVER, DEVELOP, and LIVE your empowered LIFE!
Jason Reid

Create the words that will sell you!
Get more clients quicker, by learning how to speak about your business in a powerful way.
Whether it’s a signature business introduction, a signature story or signature speech ... Jason can show you how! 
Michael Hagley

Meet your goals, transition successfully, and transform according the vision you hold for yourself!

First-time Managers, Leaders and Executives, go further than you ever thought possible! Get absolutely, crystal clear on where you want to go, what you want do or do differently and figure out your most important next step to get there!

Michael will;
• Motivate you - Get crystal clear on achieving the vision you hold for yourself and what it will mean to get there!
• Energize you - Choose a direction and set your course to realize that vision
• Get you moving - Create a plan, a set of next steps, to move you forward powerfully

Gaby Abdelgadir

Is your home, office, time or relationship cluttered? Do you feel overwhelmed? 
It is scientifically proven that a cluttered home/work space, is a clutter mind.
Gaby is a Certified Clutter Clearing Coach (in addition to Feng Shui) and is in a mission to help you declutter your life and find your Grace, Peace, Balance and Harmony.

Gaby is the Author of the Best-Seller Book “Grace, Peace, Balance – Surviving & Thriving Against All Odds (forward by Bob Proctor, featured teacher in the hit Movie “The Secret” and Best Selling Author of “You Were Born Ric);.  She is also a co-Author of the #! International Best-Seller Book “Empowering Women to Succeed Volume III – Bounce).

Gaby has been studying Personal Development and Leadership for over 17 years and has learned all the secrets of overcoming daily challenges and now helps struggling women and men live a happier and meaningful life.
Linda Procopio

Are you or a loved one dealing with a health issue?
I would embrace an opportunity to work with you to help you overcome and/or prevent diseases such as diabetes, liver disorder, kidney disorder, hypertension, insomnia, joint pain, thyroid disorder, or any other health issue you are having or wish not to have in the future.
I am here to help you achieve optimum health through the art of holistic nutrition and the power of a healthy mindset.
After losing her father and many other friends and family members to different diseases Linda decided to leave her corporate job to study nutrition.
She is on a mission to save as many lives as possible one day at a time.
She feels that everyone should go to bed feeling like a "10" and wake up feeling like a "10"
Book your free coaching session to find out how 4 very important elements in life can help you live a long vital life.
The best gift you can give to your family is HEALTH!
Ayse Hogan

Learn how to successfully activate various proven self healing strategies to release you from what is holding you back and become the change in your own world. 

We work with your mind, your body, your emotions and your energy so that you have no option but to succeed.
You have the power within you, you always did!

How I, Dr. Ayse Hogan can help you!

•    Educate You – Clearly explain how using customized methodologies and strategies will release you from your struggles & challenges allowing you to Be The Change in your own life.
•    Enlighten You – Understand that we will be working together to plan the best sessions for you, based on your needs.  You will also learn portable self healing tools that you can use to continue moving forward on your path.
•    Empower You – Teaching you how to be the change in your own life and moving you past the difficult roads together.
Hailey Patry


Complete your past, step into your power, choose happiness and manifest your dream future… starting right now!
As a survivor of abuse, cancer, severe depression, rape and so much more, Hailey is a Happiness and Resiliency Trainer, teaching you in a matter of hours how to triumph over tragedies, experience total freedom from past hurts and unleash your power to live your best life.
Even after everything she has endured, she is one of the happiest people you will ever meet and she will be YOUR guide back to happiness and full power.
She has spoken to over 400,000 people and coached over 1,000 individuals. She has built 2 multi-million-dollar businesses, is a mother of three and one strong lady!
She is on a mission to spread happiness and healing, and help you create your hero story.
Cherene Francis


Cherene Francis helps entrepreneurs craft their message and confidently market themselves through television, video & online marketing, so they can grow their following, attract more opportunities and get more clients.
Cherene Can Help You:
Feel confident with your communication on video, stage, in sales presentations and networking events.
Book more high-quality clients that pay attention to you and seek you out when you have clear brand messaging and consistent marketing strategies
Leverage the power of internet marketing and media to grow your audience and reach 10x more people.
Karen Spencer

Learn how easy it is to disempower negative thoughts and emotions that are sabotaging your success in life.
What if I told you that all of the positive, powerful traits that you recognize in the people you admire are already in you? Well, it's true! The challenge is that we are defocused by our daily negative self talk. Learn how to recognize and dissolve this negativity and the rewards that are waiting for you.
Are you ready to understand how your thoughts are creating your reality?
Are you ready to believe that whatever you think you are, you are always much more?
Are you ready to learn how to change your thinking so that you can change everything that goes on in your life and business?
Tammy Price & Christine Stowe

You Are More In Control Of The Outcomes Than You ‘Think’!
Come Into Greater Balance! Learn from Medical Intuitive’s Tammy Price and Christine Stowe what it means to come into greater connection and how this is the magic sauce in creating a business and life that you love.
1. Discover how much real estate you are giving over to the mind
2. Get recommendations that will help bring you back into balance (Mind, Body and Spirit)
3. Drastically improve your understanding about what it takes to manifest more of what you say you desire into your life
Brian Epstein

Achieve your best; develop and implement the best practices and strategies in managing your career as an Executive, Leader, Manager or Professional in your organization. Get the help you need to successfully manage your career and personal goals.
A Coaching session with Brian Epstein will help you to start discussions about:
- assessing your present situation, circumstances and gap in your work or organization or both
- evaluating challenges, you are now facing and what results you want
- strategizing steps you want to take to achieve your goals in both your roles at work and your personal life
- making an action plan to reach your desired outcome
After the session, Brian will be offering an additional 1-hour Coaching Free Session to any participant who is coached by Brian or is a participant at the September 25th conference. 
Sarah Mulaner

In Sarah’s Coach’s corner she’ll help you uncover life events may have caused you pain, loss and grief. You’ll talk about
actions you can take to start healing your broken heart and live a more fulfilling, happier life. Sarah will help you uncover the sources of your pain and pinpoint the correct steps to take to to get unstuck to heal and recover your joy.
Geoffery Edie & Kirk Forsyth

The largest and most important purchase the average person will make is their home. So why isn’t this the most important class in school?
Most folks learned what they know about money from their parents. It’s not that they were given bad advice, it’s just that things are different now. Money is no longer a taboo subject, spoken about only in hushed tones. Folks are waking up to the fact that we need to talk about money. We need to become educated. Being broke isn’t noble, it’s unfortunate…….and it’s preventable.
Our approach is based on a three step system of Life, Learning, and Legacy.
Life - Where are you at right now? Most people lose a lot of money in taxes , fees , and interest . How can we make sure you’re structured in a way that maximizes the money you keep?
Learning - Now that you’re keeping more money, what do you need to learn to put it to work?
Legacy - How do we create a plan for lasting, generational wealth?
Also... There’s over 700 billion dollars locked up in Canadian RRSPs. The banks are using our money to create record profits, and how much are we being paid in return?
Blackthorn’s proven investment strategy helps Canadians access their RRSP Tax Free….Guaranteed!
Meet with me to find out how YOU can keep MORE $$$ in Your pocket!
Joy Marcotte

Your beliefs create your reality! They will either sabotage your dreams or  empower you to live the life of your dreams! 
Learn how you can shift your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs!
A coaching session with Joy will help you identify your subconscious beliefs that  are blocking your success. She will show you how you can clear your subconscious blocks and rewire your brain for success. 
Whether you want to expand your business, advance to the next level of your  business, find a life partner or make more money, Joy can show you how to align your subconscious beliefs with your conscious goals so you can achieve the success you want. 
Joy has been studying the brain and human behaviour for over 10 years. By  combining the latest tools in Neuroscience with the power of the Human Spirit, she will show you how to unlock your potential and step into your authentic power. The most empowering thing you can do for yourself is shift your limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. Book a session with Joy and discover how to live an empowered life!
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